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Everything You Need To Know About Forming A Company In The U.S.

Many entrepreneurs dream of starting a business in the superpower country, the United States. However, the first-timers often don’t know the process behind company formation in the U.S. but it doesn’t have to be complicated. For instance, the U.S. allows you to operate an LLC company from another Country and can become a director or shareholder of the company – doesn’t that sound exciting?

So, if you are ready to form a company in the U.S. but don’t know the internal processes, we have got the details for you!

Steps For Registering The Company In The U.S.

        First of all, you need to decide the right type of business organization

        Decide the place of company formation (select the state or city)

        Look for the local agent and register your company

        Apply for the employer identification number (EIN)

        If needed, get yourself a U.S. mailing address and open the bank account

        Open the merchant account to accept payments from the customers

        Opt for business insurance

        Get yourself a U.S.-based phone number and research the tax liabilities

        Make sure that the personal bank accounts and business banks accounts are separate

        Pay the essential fees, including the annual fee

        Ensure compliance with the federal, country, state, and city laws and regulations

        Have a consultation session with a U.S. business lawyer to ensure you are eligible to practice in the desired state

These are some common steps of making a company in the U.S. which might sound complicated right now. However, BizVee can help with company formation and attain the PayPal verified account to optimize the business transactions.

1.    Choosing Between S-Corp & LLC

LLC is the business entity that’s perfect for businesses owners who need higher protection from personal liabilities. This is because LLC is the least restrictive and complicated business structure to form and operate the business without hiring the agent. In addition, the LLC business structure promises zero doubling of the taxation. On the other hand, S-Corp is a tax classification that lets the IRS know that the business will utilize partnership taxation. However, it’s essential to register as C-Corp to adhere to the regulations before you shift to S-Corp. S-Corp promises limited liability protection but businesses with 100 or fewer shareholders are to be taxed.

2.    Applying For EIN

EIN is the employer identification number and has a nine-digit sequence that helps identify the business for taxing purposes. This is required before you initiate the registration process of the company as a corporation or LLC. As far as the IRS is concerned, it offers free registration service and is available online, so you can easily acquire an EIN.

Do You Need To Open A Separate Bank Account for Business?

Many people consider whether they should open a separate business bank account to optimize the business transactions or not. If you were contemplating the same, it’s suggested to have separate accounts for business and personal uses. In the majority of cases, the business bank account is needed in the U.S. to form the company, depending on which company you are forming.

As a business owner, the availability of a separate business bank account will streamline the financial transactions and track them, especially for building a sustainable business. This is more evident for small businesses. Also, the business’s financial information will help determine the company’s financial health and make the business decisions accordingly. Also, a separate bank account helps reduce the payable income tax.

The Timeline For Company Registration In The U.S.

When trying to form a company in the U.S., you need to know that you’ve to register with the secretary of state office. Once the registration requirements are fulfilled, the government will initiate the document processing and review the information before the business is approved. For the most part, the time needed for registering the business will vary with the state.

In the majority of states, it takes around four to six weeks for the application approval for S-Corp or LLC but it can take longer as well. Some states also offer rush processing, including New York. Having said that, if you are tight on the timeline and your business depends on the timing, you can pay the extra processing fee and get the approval within two to three working days.

The Right Place To Base The Business

Choosing the right location of business operations is one of the most critical decisions. For this purpose, you have to consider various factors, such as demographics, determining the competition, finding the supply chain, comparison of tax and state laws and regulations, and finances. Keep in mind that whichever place you choose should comply with the business objectives of the company without hurting your finances. For the most part, you would like to set up the business in the U.S. because it brings in more business but it also translates into a higher competition. Also, if you have some specific business needs, such as labor, transportation, and location, you should consider them as well.

Owning An LLC As A Non-Resident – Is It Possible?

Yes, it’s possible to own an LLC in the U.S. as a non-resident because you don’t need to be an American resident. LLC has a well-curated business structure that allows everyone to apply for the business formation, irrespective of nationality and citizenship. However, the formation might be more complicated for non-residents as compared to the residents. On the other hand, you cannot form an S-Corp as a non-resident.

Timeline For Incorporating The Business

The processing time of the business incorporation varies with the states, depending on the backlog. In the majority of cases, the foreign business owners will need to wait for thirty days for acquiring the EIN. However, when you have to acquire the tax ID but the owners or directors are non-US residents, they need to be filed with a specialized IRS unit.

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