Are You Interested in a Business Opportunity?

 Where your Investment is about to Zero and Income Opportunity is really High.

if Yes then IBC BY BIZVEE is the Best Option for You!

Goal Setting

Dedicated IBC Managers To Train On Product & Sales Techniques – How To Generate (Through Digital Marketing Or Other Techniques), Nurture And Close Leads

Relationship Coaching

Learn From Industry Leaders Who Have Built Billion Dollar Businesses, & alot Opportunities To Earn 1 To 10 Lacs Per Month

Track Of Your Learnings

Complaint Management System (CMS) To Raise Requests & Complaints Or To Give Suggestions

Career Advice

High Revenue Earning Product For Sales – Case Studies And What Labelled Learning Management System For Educational Institutions And Businesses


Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Successful organizations need a wide range of advisory services to support their long term growth plans. By developing a real understanding of your business and the issues and challenges you are facing, our advisory teams use local and global knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

What Is IBC?

  1. Everything about Entrepreneurship:  This is the Signature Course of Leaders a Project of  Bizvee in which you will found Premium Videos and 5 days Live Seminar with Industry Specialist People.
  2. Problem Solving Courses: There are many Problem-Solving courses which will laumch under Leaders a Project of  Bizvee. You will get Courses Related to all Business Problems and 100s of other Services Related to Business for reselling at Very Affordable Price. Call +923124064444 to know more about Problem Solving Courses by Leaders a Project of  Bizvee. 
  3. Life Time Membership : Now you can become the Life Time Member of Bizvee and get all the Courses for Life Time. Our courses will also Includes 600 Frameworks for Business.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

We will provide training about all our services which you can use to generate income and we also offer different courses to polish your skills.

How will you Earn money?

After Becoming an IBC of Bizvee you can sell any of the Courses and Seminar Tickets and 100 of our Services. There is an awesome Commission slab to make huge Money.

Income Slab!

The Income Varies on Product to Product and Volume of Sales. You will get a commission of 20% to 47 %

If you do the Sales of 5 lacs in a Month and Earn 47% of the Commission then your Monthly Income as an IBC of  Bizvee will be 2,35,000/- . You can Earn unlimited Income by selling Leaders a Project of Bizvee Courses.

This is a Huge Income which you can Earn Without Investing even a single rupee and all the courses will be free for you.

Products to sell under IBC of Bizvee?

You do not only have an only online course but there are many other Income opportunities as an IBC of Bizvee

  1. Commission on Course Selling
  2. White Label Selling
  3. Sponsorships Selling
  4. Seminar Tickets and Many More
  5. Life Time Membership
  6. Business Consulting Services and alot more services …
Special Advantages as Franchise of Bizvee.

Other than the opportunity to earn life long income. The following are the other benefits.

  • All Courses of Leader a Project of Bizvee are free for IBC
  • IBC can attend all events of Bizvee For Free of Cost.
  • One Tablet for Self Learning free.
  • Training Programme by Bizvee’s Team
  • Electronic, Print, Digital brand promotion support.
  • Ready-made infrastructure by Channel Partner
  • Piority Support 24/7
are you interested to become IBC, Let's talk

So If you want to start your Business as an IBC of Bizvee then this is a Great Opportunity for You.

Contact Us: mail@bizvee.com
Call/Whatsapp: 0312-4064444

About Bizvee!

As a business Consultants, We help entrepreneurs start there Business in U.S, UK, and worldwide in more than 8 countries with peace of mind without dealing with complicated government forms. In 2017, we took the leap to start a virtual law and Business Consulting firm so We could work from our laptops from anywhere in the world and help online entrepreneurs start their business in more than 8 countries at the same time, Since then, we assisted 2,246 entrepreneurs start and grow their business in more than 8 Countries and

We are backed by a lot of 5 Star Reviews on google and on Facebook from clients who love our very quick and streamlined service. Join 2,246 entrepreneurs who have trusted on us with their business.


How It Works

Sign up for Membership

First you need to sign up for our registration form. Then we shortlist candidates on the basis of work and experience.


Select Service You want to Sell

We are providing large variety of services from which you can select different services you want to sell. You will get a good commission on each sale.

Reach Your Goals

With our wide variety of service you can earn upto 5 lac per month without any office cost and utility bills. All you earn will be payout to you monthly.

Membership without courses

We are providing lifetime membership to our IBC in which we are providing all the services which they can sell to their clients.


More Details

We are providing many services in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Pakistan. There are services which you can sell within your city and earn handsome commission on each sale. Once you complete your orders and crosses 5 lac a month we will give you bonuses and gift hampers. 

All Courses Access with Membership

We provide all our priemier courses to our IBC under our Leaders programs in which we are providing all the courses related to Amazon, digital marketing, dropshipping and many more. 


More Details

There are a lot of courses we are offering that you can use to earn more than your IBC income. You can polish your skill via our courses and offer more services to your clients.

Still Have Questions?