Tailored solutions for your tax registration requirements.

With a seller's permit ( includes a resale certificate ), you can:

– Buy wholesale ( large, bulk amounts )

– Sell wholesale
– Sell retail ( in small amount or number of items )
– Can lease equipment such as restaurant equipment or tools


- The seller's permit will come with a resale certificate

- If you sell wholesale, simply keep it, or when you are also buying wholesale,-
- Fill out and the resale certificate with your seller's permit number, and your business information, print and sign
- Then, mail it or fax it to the wholesaler to buy the wholesale amount

- Keep your seller's permit number and file taxes and pay the sales tax ( if you collect for retail sales ) to the government ( quarterly, semi annually, or annually depending on how the government will classify you - they will send you a letter telling you the frequency you will use to file and give the sales tax to the government ( if you collected any) .

Wholesale Seller Permit

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  • Seller Permit
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