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 Registered Agent

A registered agent is appointed by your company to act as the person to be contacted for any legal matters. The registered agent receives all the official documents from the state, any lawsuits, or subpoenas. He or she is then responsible to ensure that the document reaches its rightful owner.

Having a registered agent is required by the state to form your company. You need to provide the name and address of your registered agent in the forms. And if your company wishes to operate in other states as well you will have to provide the details of a registered agent in those states as well. Every corporation and LLC formed is under the laws of the state and therefore must appoint a registered agent. As a result of not having a registered agent your company can even face penalties

Whether you need to form a company or get a registered agent we are here for your ease. By using our services, we will assist you in every way. Our team will provide you with a very well-qualified registered agent with years of experience.

The primary purpose of a registered agent is to receive service of process. The delivery could be done by an individual in person, the sheriff of state, via mail, and in a few states other methods may also be used. When filing a lawsuit against an LLC or corporation it is often unclear to whom that is to be sent. The address or contact details of that person could be unavailable to the filer which is why the documents are served to the registered agent. Their information is a matter of public knowledge and easier to mail to. It is then the job of the agent to serve the documents to the right person.

Other than lawsuits another important task of the registered agent is to act as the person in contact with the secretary of state. The state often sends annual or biennial reports, notices, and other important documents to the registered agent. Had they been mailed to the company simply they could be misplaced easily having catastrophic results. So the registered agent receives all these important documents so they can bring them to the attention of directors. Other documents received by the registered agent include:


  •         Notice of garnishment proceeding.
  •         Litigation documents.
  •         Legal notices.
  •         Government correspondence.
  •         Compliance-related documents.


Although each of these documents is very different they contain time-sensitive information that needs to find the right eyes.

The employees of the company could be served with garnishment notices meaning if they owe money to someone that individual or institution can file a complaint and the salary of that person can be withheld in order to settle that debt amount. It could be due to child support, student loans, or consumer debt. If the employer fails to fulfill the garnishment orders, they too can be penalized. To oversee these matters it’s crucial to have a registered agent whose sole purpose is to deal with all this. By using our service, we will provide you with trustworthy and firm registered agents who will fulfill their tasks with utter responsibility and dedication.

The registered agent at the time of appointment is not necessarily your registered agent for life. The agent could need to be replaced or the details of the agent can be changed. In any scenario, the information must be updated with the state, and failing to do so could result in heavy penalties. Let’s suppose you did not update the registered agent information and a lawsuit is served to you. You will of course not be able to appear at that and the plaintiff could get a default judgment and win the case even if it’s a frivolous case while you have zero knowledge of it. Also, in the event of wrong information from the registered agent, the suit won’t be delivered and the judge can rule to have it delivered by other means like via newspaper, and again, it could risk the company’s reputation. Not having a registered agent can cost a lot to your company so it’s in your best interest to utilize our service ASAP and be in a safe position legally.

Failing to maintain a registered agent can cause you in losing your good standing with the state. The state sends an annual and biennial report which needs to be filed in due time back to the state. If the registered agent is not maintained the state would have the wrong information and send the reports to that address and your company would not be able to file them in time. Not being in good standing with the state could impact your business. It will stop the company from filing any lawsuits, expansion, or securing finances to expand the business.

The worst of the actions taken is the administrative dissolution of the company. The state holds the right to do so when its requirements are not being met, which includes complying with a maintained agent.

The prerequisite of a registered agent is fairly simple. The agent must be a resident of the state with a registered office located inside the state. In many states, the corporation or LLC cannot act as its own registered agent and must hire one to do the job. To solve that complication, we are here for you. The registered agent may be revoked if they fail to deliver the documents when they are busy with their own work. In this case, a new registered agent needs to be hired.

It is crucial for a company to have a professional registered agent to keep its workflow. The agent must always be ready and available to do the tasks needed. Most often these agents are hired by companies with certifications like ours who train their agents well and be able to comply. By hiring them you can be confident not to miss anything important. It is also preferred that the address of a registered agent be different from your business address as it can be shameful to be served with any unfortunate legal notices in front of your clients.

It is the whole job profile of a professional registered agent to timely receive and deliver the papers to avoid any default rulings. So to safeguard your company from any number of unfortunate events whether it be penalties or default ruling our registered agents will reduce your workload. They will not see your company be part of any unfortunate event and work tirelessly to do their jobs the way they are intended.

Getting a professional registered agent becomes a must in any of the following scenarios:

  •         Your company conducts business in different states.
  •         Your company has subsidiaries.
  •         Your company’s appointed individual as an agent has to work from different locations.
  •         Your company’s address will change.
  •         Your company wants to keep your address private.
  •         Your company has the same address for business and registered agents.
  •         Your company fears not keeping up with all the documents served.


In any one of the above conditions, you need to appoint a professional registered agent to make sure you don’t miss anything of significance to your company’s survival. Our team understands the ins and outs of the system and the urgency of this task. They will put in all their effort to make sure you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

When you go look for a registered agent there are certain things you need to keep in mind. The registered agent you choose must be reliable, good at their job, and consistent with work. They must be available at all times and be present at the registered office during office hours to receive any documents that may arrive.

It is important that the registered agent is familiar with everyone working for you, all the entities and compliance rules, and have a well-trained team under them that understands the urgency of their work and knows how to handle and forward the papers. They need to have an excellent delivery tactic to ensure the timely delivery of documents. By utilizing our service, you won’t have to worry one bit and will have a professional registered agent you can rely on.